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Setting the mood

Recently I was out with some friends sitting in a restaurant that had bright lights, loud TV's and actually pretty good food with amazing wait staff. I thought to myself, it is so important that they set the mood here. As the evening gets later people want softer lights, less TV motion and way way less TV sound. The trend of sports bars that look like they have been made out of old barns with reclaimed, re-used, recycled wood look needs a bit of a revamp as well. I have always had a dream of opening a Supper Club but the words my father has said to me my whole life, " its one of the hardest jobs you will ever have " keep appearing in my head. So for now I will keep my thoughts of a jazz or blues vocalists singing of lost loves, small but big band playing the old crooners songs, dim lights, velvet booths, vintage chandeliers, popping of champagne corks from wait staff in suits and a hostess in a long gown seating her guests, in the distant future. Maybe I just need to design one first.

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