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I am not sure what to call it, I will just go with...

Design has so many styles and names, modern, retro, vintage modern, rustic, contemporary, transitional, It goes on and on. I believe that good design has many faces and if you can pull it all together well BRAVO ! The more client meetings I have the more I hear the same thing," I know what I like but I don't know what to call it or how to bring it all together, " and that is why you hire a designer... or just slow down and gather your thoughts. Pinterest is great inspiration but it can be overwhelming. Start Room by room with the basics, wall color, flooring, lighting and finally furniture. It does take time and once you do it you will realize that it is not as easy as it looks to make it feel cohesive but time and patience is the best solution.

If not call a designer, at least you will know that someone will listen to your thoughts ( therapy is an option as well ) and design ideas and make your house feel like your home.

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