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Moody Florals

Looking for color to spice up staging can be tough, neutrals are the basic agenda for a home to sell. De-personalize and create a soothing or calming palette, aka mono-chromatic touch. While that is all fine and dandy I have come to realize that it doesn't always mean good design (or really an old friend pointed out much to my dismay.) I love mono-chromatic at times, it makes sense and IS soothing to the eye, but why not navy blue or emerald green, jewel tones can bring a sense of style and if done correctly and cohesively can make a property shine. Through art or pillows or really any accent, it can make for a beautiful statement. So change up that blah bland look with some dark and moody floral art (my new fave) or a great color in sofas, pillows, art or well even hair color, it can wake up your senses and start a new love affair.

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