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I am thankful for...

2015 is almost here, it is the beginning of the holiday season and as I run around working, I walk into stores, shops and studios and it looks as if there is an abundance of holiday decor. It becomes overwhelming and stressful at times thinking of all the things that have to happen and soon before it all ends, but then I stop and realize that over this year, a year of plenty it seemed like for many, it was time to say thank you.

Thank you for my health, thank you for my children and their health, thank you for my family, friends, my home and thank you, thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you. Thank you for all that I have and remembering that it is not about what we don't have it is what we forget is great right in front of us. So stop and be thankful this Thanksgiving. As you celebrate just remember one of my favorite quotes,

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtures, it is the parent of all others."

Happy Holiday !


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