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Black and White statements

The beginning of the year is upon us and really my only resolution was to not have any resolutions and just live the life I wanted. There was a quote that inspired that thought, which was "How much of human life is lost in waiting."

I thought yessssss just get it done this year, why wait ?

Sounds easy, right? Believe me when I say easier said then done, but the one thing I love and have always been obsessed with is art. Back to learning, collecting and designing dynamic and inspirational pieces.

Lately the craze has been abstract black and white art, which seems to be inspired by Franz Kline, an American born painter from Pennsylvania. Kline was a part of the Abstract Expressionist movement in the thirties and forties and had a few different styles when he started but is mostly recognized by the contemporary pieces which emulated the cubism work of the fourties. Kline's art is modern and vintage all in one brush stroke with hints of Japanese caligraphy which can translate to any style in any home.

Here are some examples that are now in big box stores and even has pieces that look familiar. If you feel like you can accomplish this on your own just know that Franz Kline painted the white space as well to feel like it was complete in the positve and negative.

Good luck and get painting or shopping, really whichever works for you.

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