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Easy Fix

So many times while I am shopping, working, or writing a post, I wonder if what I am writing or doing is managable. When I say managable I mean can someone do this or really afford it.

So here is a blog that I will try to do once a month. Whether you own or rent your home or space,

there are things that can be done to make it look like you did not just move in or reside in a college dorm.

One easy fix that I have found to be affordable and an instant change is a headboard or upholstered bed. They have become completely affordable and are everywhere.

From the discount sites to the high end stores they can be found with just the headboard or the whole frame (which would be my choice). The last couple master bedrooms I have worked on either had no headboard (hence college dorm), or heavy heavy wood beds (tiki carvers do not make beds). So if you need any suggestions on where to get one inexpensively email or comment on the post and I can send you some sites or stores to go check out. In the meanwhile here are some examples of beds to slip into.

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