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April's Easy Fix

How do you warm up a space? Whether it is a kitchen, bedroom, or office space the easiest and quickest way is a rug. They can get pricey but there are less expensive options and they can be found at any home goods store or online as well.

It is easy to want to throw a rug with every color and funky patterns if that works, sometimes, but if you want a room that is cohesive and warm pick either a pattern with a solid base that is the same color or a jute, hemp or sisal rug. I am not a huge fan of sisal only because it is not as soft on the feet and gets dirty faster but the other two should last at least for 4 to 5 yrs and look great. Here are a few examples of rugs you can try, and again they are not costly and no you can't make them medicinally.

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