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Why can't all vacation rentals be BEAUTIFUL ?

Over the years I have gone on vacation and either stayed in hotels, condos or rented homes and as I always search for a property that is clean and looks like a breathe of fresh air, it is near impossible. I have been working on a couple of homes to be rented by the beach and it is as if the home was always an after thought stuffed with leftovers. While I understand this is a second home that someone has bought I just wonder if homes where done simple and beautiful if they would get more rentals year round. I don't want to stay in a home on vacation that looks like a dorm room and I am sure for the amount of money for beach rentals it makes more sense to stand out from the ones that do. Take some time on a home that is your vacation rental and do clean design and fresh towels. It makes a difference believe me!!!

Check out these examples, I would not mind staying in all of them.

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