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We all have so many things to do, work, family, homes to take care of, personal relationships, finances, too much to list.

Once in a while when I am caught up in it, I forget about the things that at one time were inspirational and made me find myself. Recently I went back to my musical inspiration of all time and if you have not discovered this woman, well you are missing out. I discovered her music when I was in my late teens and have been in awe ever since. One of the greatest gifts I have ever received was tickets to her show in Los Angeles and it is an experience I will never forget.

Nina Simone will be forever an inspiration to me. If you have not heard of her or given her a shot, start with “Wild is the Wind” it will start a love affair with her music, I hope she will inspire you to find your creative happiness…

#ninasimone #music #blues #design #art #nina #movie #soul #moxie #love #wildisthewind

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