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Not so typical Christmas

Tis the season... Its been one of those years for most of us, we are dreaming of 2017 being the best year yet, because 2016 welllllllllllll

Christmas is always a time to reflect for me, it usually is New Years Eve for most, but during the Christmas holiday I sit down at dinner with the three loves of my life (my children in case you were wondering, the Christian Dior red leather platform boots may be the forth) I think how fortunate I am. I have an amazing family, I have a job that is demanding but I love, I have friends that I adore and if that is not enough I have an attitude that no matter what comes our way, if all those people are there for me like I am for them, I have lived an amazingly full life. Now stating all that made me realize I have given zero design advice in this blog post so let me say this, make the holiday easy with a few of these ideas and just enjoy the moment and not the stress of the design and props of the season. Yes I did say that...

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